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I am your founder psychovampire11!
As you all, hopefully, know, the last founder said that she wanted someone to take over this group and I volunteered.
With your help, too, I'll try to keep this club active.

If you ever have any questions related to this group, send me a note, comment on the group's comment section below or comment on my profile page!:)
As long as you are nice to me, I will be nice back.
If you EVER see any stolen artworks of any kind(Literature, artwork, cosplay etc), report it to me or the Co-Founder and we will take care of it!



I just found out that there will be a 3rd season of Black Butler!!! x3
Read an article here:…

I hope that it will be worth watching!~
(also, please read the article before commenting with opinions, flame comments, fangirling/fanboying, ect.)

Since I'm out of school for a while, I will be managing this club since the co-founder has had a struggle with school and sickness. We all have been there, and I know how she feels. But I am grateful for her help that I needed from January 2013-December 2013 with this club when I couldn't be here. C:

I was wondering if you would be interested in joining a contest of mine.~
It's a contest hosted by my first Black Butler group.
Click here if you want to read... or even join :devilish:: *edited rules, READ* Contest! x3**EDIT!~ YOU CAN EVEN COMBINE SOME THEMES, BUT TELL WHAT THEY ARE IN YOUR DESCRIPTION SO I WON'T BE CONFUSED... IF I DO GET CONFUSED xDD**
*So how's the entries coming along? I hope they're great so far ^^ It's already close to the end of May, halfway through the year and closer to the deadline, and only 5 people have said they would like to/try to participate. I'd like to know if there are any more deviants wanting to join so I can figure out how much points as prizes I'll need (I need to save 35:points: for a commission, so I have around 220 points to had out to everyone...). If you can, advertise or spread the word because the more entries, the better c:

It's been forever since the last contest and there was only one entry... so to make it more fun, I stumbled upon some themes that can give you ideas. They are Kuroshitsuji related C:
They were originally a 100 theme challenge, but I will be using these themes for the contest for you to come up with something.
You may d

Maybe we should have a contest, too!
But I'm not sure what the theme/main focus of it should be...?
Any ideas?
If you do have any, please don't be afraid to comment or send a note:note: with suggestions. C:

I'm VERY sorry that this is late. I managed to have the worst health problems this year and got sick enough that attempting to concentrate resulted in a headache. I'm a bit better now (even though I feel a headache on the horizon) and have finally judged the contest entries.

It was very hard to judge the entries and I wanted you all to win, but I couldn't give you all first place. :(

I took into consideration what psychovampire11 felt were the best choices for the winners, but changed them a little.

Here are the results.

Third place is: Kuroshitsuji - Summer Festival; by amutoluverr

Second place is: Summer- Black Butler AU; By michaelalizzy
Summer- Black Butler AUSummer. Any high school teenager’s favorite word. Save for ‘Snow Day’.
A time to do nothing but relax, hook up, break up and to do all those stupid, crazy things you couldn’t do before. Something about the heat and the break from school made a large chunk of people’s common sense dissipate. It was a time all school-aged kids and teens looked forward to.
But not only is summer for fun, but a time for those who had suffered through their thirteen years of school (including that arduous year of preschool) to finish any plans of college and university.
And that was just what Sebastian Michaelis was doing.
After quickly getting accepted to the cooking school of his dreams, the French Culinary Institute, also known as the sixth best school of culinary arts in the world, only a month after he applied, he immediately began to search for a place to stay in the area. He was far too excited for it in his current roommate’s, Ciel Phantomhive’s, opinion; as

Drum roll please...

First place is: The master and servant, on vacation; By pamandab

Thank you to everyone who entered, and once again I am very sorry that I took so long to judge the contest entries. If you won please contact the prize donators for your prizes.
More Journal Entries


Always open for affiliation requests! Doesn't matter what your group/fanclub is, be it scenery, different fandom, all yaoi/yuri group, anyone is open to affiliate with us!:heart::huggle: Only anti and hate and groups/clubs are not allowed.
:iconanime-mangacontest: Anime-MangaContest Contests all year round! :iconkuroshitsujiclub19: KuroshitsujiClub19 :iconsebastian-lovers: Sebastian-Lovers One Hell Of A Butler! :iconblackbutlertherpg: BlackButlertheRPG :icondangerous-pleasures: Dangerous-Pleasures yaoi critique

Welcome! Read the rules and Kuroshitsuji links!

If you feel generous, you can donate some points for future contests with points as prizes. Just click my username to go donate: psychovampire11
Also if you donate, write a note/memo saying that the points is for the Seb-Ciel-Fluff contest prizes.

:bulletblack:Be nice! Don't be rude to the other members!
:bulletwhite:Currently, the submission limit is unlimited.
:bulletblack:PLEASE Submit to the correct folder.

:bulletwhite:As the name suggests, this is a group for the Sebastian/Ciel pairing. Please keep pairing artwork/literature pertaining to it.
:bulletblack:Single character art is allowed
:bulletwhite:NO OCs, unless Sebastian/Ciel is somewhere involved.
:bulletblack:To keep this group clean, there will be no demotivational posters, motivational posters, screen-shots of any kind and anything else similar to these contents.
:bulletwhite:Please don't submit anything with an extreme mature tag. The group is centered around the cute, lovey-dovey fluffyness of Ciel and Sebastian. I don't mind anything like Sebastian being shirtless in here, just please don't abuse this rule!

Rated R/Mature Tag material can only be submitted within reason. This means no vore, mpreg, guro, or any other type of bizarre fetish. No Yaoi- this is for Shonen-ai. Please, no suggestion or mention of sex. Material with Nudity tags and gore tags are allowed as long as they follow the rules (I.E. Don't submit Ciel naked slitting his stomach open).

:blackrose:Folder Guidelines:blackrose:
:bulletblack: Featured - This is for the Weekly Spotlight only. You can't submit to it anyways so nothing to worry about there.^^
:bulletblack: Sebastian and Ciel - for artwork, literature, etc that contains both Sebastian and Ciel- no others!
:bulletwhite: Sebastian - For media containing only the butler. Only means only. No OC's, Shinigami, or other demons allowed!
:bulletblack: Ciel - For media containing only the master. Only means only. No OC's, Shinigami or other masters allowed!
:bulletwhite: Kuroshitsuji II - Media including scenes or characters from the second season of the anime. It must contain Sebastian and/or Ciel.
:bulletwhite: Contest Entries - Only submit your media to this folder when we have a running contest.
:bulletblack: Ciel/Sebastian with anyone- Media containing someone from Kuroshitsuji with Sebastian and/or Ciel.
:new::bulletwhite: R18- IF your deviation is mature (lemons and the like) submit here.:new:
:new::bulletblack:OCs with Sebastian or Ciel or other characters- If your piece has an OC with no SebXCiel involved, submit here.:new:

If you ever have any questions concerning this group, always feel free to talk to me as long as it's about :iconseb-ciel-fluff:

Here's a website where you can read all of the Kuroshitsuji chapters of the manga so far! It works because I'm currently reading it on the website.^^

Journal containing all the Kuroshitsuji anime links along with the extras/specials!…

Also keep in mind that I am only human and I make mistakes so watch what you say to me and the people on here.


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Hi <3 my kuro doujin has finished uploading, so do check the whole thing and see wether it fits the club or is a little too much ^_^; <3
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Hii, I made a entry for the end of school contest, but because of some unknown reason I can't submit it to the folder... So I'll just post the link here! [link]
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michaelalizzy Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Um... quick question... if I were to write a little something something, per se, for the Christmas contest, is there, like, a certain length you'd want it to be?
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